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Are you an acupuncturist wanting to help more people, but exhausted and lacking time?

Are you a palliative care doctor seeking new solutions to improve a patient's quality of life?

Are you a surgeon striving to increase wound healing and improve scarring?

Are you an aesthetician searching for simple, effective anti-aging skin solutions

Are you a massage therapist hoping to alleviate pain and stress in between sessions?

Are you a naturopath looking to decrease cost of supplements and get better results?

Are you a wellness coach trying to standout in a crowded market?

Are a you pediatrician struggling with kids being overmedicated?


I know I can help! I have been there . . . 

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4When I first started using the patches in the clinic,
it was unbelievable how QUICKLY patients were healing and how HAPPY they were with results. 

I realized then that this wearable technology was a GAME CHANGER!

  • I  served the needs of more patients in the same amount of time
  • I reached clients that would never touch a needle
  • I didn't  feel bad my month long waitlist or taking vacations
  • I increased patient compliance at-home
  • I made more money and had less overhead

Now, my business is 100% online!

I serve clients worldwide through online courses and kits, while supporting wellness professionals to gain the time and financial freedom they deserve while healing the world!


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Phototherapy patches (yes, light therapy!) the ultimate at-home tool to improve healing times, tackle difficult signs and symptoms and empower patients to take a pro-active role in their own wellness.

Integrating this innovative acu-tool into your business is as simple as 1-2-3 . . .

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Business coaching calls are available! Want to learn more about:

  • building online courses
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Dr. Devon Vernetti, L.Ac.
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“Since integrating light therapy into my business I have reduced my clinic days from 4 to 2 per week. The timing was serendipitous since a year later the pandemic hit and I either had shuts downs or homeschooling on my plate. During a time when many were financially struggling, my income tripled. My clinical outcomes have occurred significantly faster and I have had more time to spend with my family doing the things I love. I have also been able to be a part of an incredible community of practitioners sharing both our experiences and knowledge. Lifewave changed my life!”

Acupuncturist, Nurse

Dr. Devon Vernetti, L.Ac.
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“Before I discovered the LifeWave patches I didn't have an easy and effective way to help my patients when they couldn't get to my office. LifeWave patches have allowed me to engage "virtual acupuncture" serving more people during illness and lockdown. Lifewave patches have been an absolute godsend, especially because my husband had to suddenly retire due to health issues which caused a significant drop in our business revenue. We earned over $11,000 in our first 3 months and it's projected to more than triple this year. I think LifeWave is a perfect fit for acupuncturists who want (or need) to add income to their practice. It has been for me! ”

Acupuncturist, Business Coach

Dr. Devon Vernetti, L.Ac.

“"Lifewave products offered me the flexibility to continue supporting my patients in their health goals during the COVID rollercoaster. I'm beyond grateful for the financial stability it provided, and the level of care it allowed me to give to my patients in such an uncertain time."”

Pediatric Acupuncturist

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