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Reset, Rejuvenate and Restore the Body & Mind to Support a Healthy Pregnancy


Whether you are just beginning your conception journey or want a healthier pregnancy than the one before, this is the program for you!

This program provides daily help tips to reset, restore and rejuvenate your MIND and BODY. 

It is designed around five themes of importance when trying to conceive:

  1. Calming the Mind
  2. Optimizing Fertility with Nutrition
  3. Improving Energy and Blood Circulation
  4. Nourishing the Uterus
  5. Preparing for Conception 

Regain your Memory, Sanity and Confidence


Why Do A Brain Test?

Your long-term health, resilience to aging, and ability to achieve your true potential...starts with understanding where you are and where you could be!

This test will evaluate:

  • Level of Inflammation
  • Memory Capacity
  • Sustained Attention
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Processing Speed

When purchasing a Brain Health Test, you will receive:

  • a blood test drop-shipped to your home for convenience
  • a link to cognitive function test you take on our computer
  • a written report of findings
  • a recorded webinar hosted by ME detailing my favorite tips, tricks, and products to ensure optimal aging

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