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We have a variety of opportunities for you to receive wellness support online through our diverse course catalog. Our virtual offerings will teach you how to succeed in your journey to having a happier, healthier life.

From developing a winning strategy for transforming your health or daily wellness tips to get you on the right track,
we’ve got you covered.

5 Day Meridian Reset
Program and Kit

Rebalancing the Body's Energy Meridian to Live a Better Life

Tired? Anxious? Stressed?

Can’t Sleep? In Pain?

Then it is time for a RESET!

In Chinese Medicine, there are energy channels in the body which support the brain’s communication with organs and muscles. These channels are where acupuncture points are located. When these channels are blocked or imbalanced then symptoms show in the body.

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5 Day Fertility Kickstarter Program and Kit

Reset, Rejuvenate and Restore the Body & Mind to Support a Natural Pregnancy

Whether you are just beginning your conception journey and or want a healthier pregnancy than the one before, this natural pregnancy guide outlines the first steps to getting on the right track.

This program provides daily wellness tips to reset, restore and rejuvenate your MIND and BODY. 

It is designed around five themes of importance when trying to conceive:

  1. Calming the Mind
  2. Optimizing Fertility with Nutrition
  3. Improving Energy and Blood Circulation
  4. Nourishing the Uterus
  5. Preparing for Conception 

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Healthy Brain Kickstart Program and Kit

Regain your Memory, Sanity and Confidence

Long-term health, resilience to aging, and the ability to achieve your true potential starts with understanding where you are and where you could be!

Your Brain Health Bundle includes:

  • At-home brain health blood test
  • 20-minute cognitive test done on your computer
  • Written report of results
  • Webinar hosted by ME reviewing the about the BEST tricks and tips to improve your brain health
  • 4 "Anti-Inflammation" Patches"

**Recommended for ages 12 and up**

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Dr. Devon Vernetti, L.Ac.
mary wong

“Without Devon, there would not have a Fertility Kickstarter Program. This course enabled us to continue serving our patients during the pandemic when our clinics closed. Thank you! For those looking to take a course from Doc Devon, don't hesitate. She is the real deal!”

Acupuncturist & Best Selling Author of Pathways to Pregnancy

Dr. Devon Vernetti, L.Ac.

“Loved the 5 Day Meridian Reset! It gave me more energy and mental clarity which I need with two toddlers. I also slept a lot better. I am a natural remedy gal so was right up my alley. The daily videos were really helpful and the course was very easy to follow.
I would highly recommend! ”

Course & Patch Fan

Dr. Devon Vernetti, L.Ac.

“I learned so much! The 5 Day Fertility Kickstarter gave me the confidence that I was setting myself up for a happy and healthy pregnancy. Patching was easy and I could feel the difference -- what a great tool! I would recommend this course to ANYONE who is ready to be a mom.”

Marketing Genius, Mom to Be!

Dr. Devon Vernetti, L.Ac.
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“I have to say, it has been 5 days since I finished the 5 Meridian Reset and I feel great
💜improved energy
💜clarity of thought
💜brain fog has lifted
AND I can focus clearly! It's amazing! I am going to make this a regular practice. Thank you! ”

Patch Enthusiast for Life

Courses Launching in 2023!

Our online courses are designed to provide specialized support when and where you need it most.  Some classes are offered all year round and can purchased TODAY. Others are launched a few times per year depending on the content and type of class. We are working continuously developing new course options, so make sure to check in with us regularly to see what new ways we can help.