5 Modern Pillars of Healing

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Application (2)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) being healthy is having strong, balanced Qi within our bodies. Qi (pronounced “chee”) is understood as our energy force or vital energy. When our Qi becomes imbalanced or blocked, the health of our bodies can suffer.

In order to stay healthy (and promote the strength and balance of our Qi), TCM relies on Five Pillars of Healing: Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Tui Na, and Qi Gong. Some of these likely sound familiar (acupuncture and herbal medicine), whereas others, may be less familiar (moxibustion and Tui Na), but all have roots traveling back thousands of years to the birth of Chinese civilization.

What are the 5 Pillars of Healing according to Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Acupuncture promotes healing in the body by stimulating specific points to rebalance or restore the flow of Qi. Moxibustion, otherwise known as Moxa, is a healing practice that works by burning rolled sticks of the herb Mugwort, specifically to heat and encourage the flow of Qi in the body to bolster the effects of acupuncture. Chinese Herbal Medicine is the use of plants and natural preparations commonly consumed as teas, tinctures, and herbal pills, helping heal various aspects of the body. Tui Na is a type of bodywork aimed at pushing and squeezing Qi (akin to massage) to unblock energy channels to promote greater health and recovery. And Qi Gong, literally translated as “energy work” is a practice of the mind, body, and spirit is a form of moving meditation that combines body positions and breathing techniques.

Modern Applications of the TCM Pillars of Healing

In order to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary practices, we’ve crafted Modern Applications of the Pillars of Healing. Like TCM, these 5 Modern Pillars of Healing are aimed at promoting healing, balance, longevity, and vitality.

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1. Light Therapy Patches

Based on the pillar of Acupuncture, Light Therapy Patches are an affordable and effective way to stimulate acupuncture points through the process of photobiomodulation. Applying 1-3 patches per day stimulates the respective acupuncture points and activates the properties of the patch without drugs, herbs, chemicals–all by capturing and using the infrared light off your own skin.

2. Plant Healing

As in Chinese Herbal Medicine, plants have been used for thousands of years to assist in building the vitality of the body. Thanks to safe and effective methods of and vessels for plant healing, like aromatherapy, herbs, teas, tonics, we can now harness all the vitality-bolstering benefits at home.

3. Movement

Similar to the active meditation of Qi Gong, the massage properties of Tui Na, and akin to the contemporary concept of “exercise,” movement is putting the body in motion, without the added caveat of that movement needing to be high intensity, competitive, or hard. Movement is beneficial and healing in many forms, from yoga to playing with our kids, having sex, getting a massage, or even just walking.

4. Food Therapy

Based on the principle that what we put on, in, or near our body can positively or negatively impact its health, food can be reimagined as medicine. With industrialization and advances in technology we have made food more convenient, but in that convenience has lost its initial purpose–to heal and nourish us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

5. Mindset

To encapsulate the entirety of the healing pillars, of balance and energy, mindset is our unique way of living in and responding to the world around us. Contemporary research continues to prove that our mindset in tandem with our emotional wellness, is increasingly linked to our physical health and long-term wellness.

Making Ancient Medicine Accessible

These Modern Pillars of Healing can be used as the foundation of a healthy, balanced life. They can help us become our own healing heroes, aligning the energy within us and around us to achieve full-circle living, and reach higher levels of vitality, health, and contentment. They’re effective, affordable, and adaptable, enabling us to become the best version of ourselves, unlocking the kind of life and living we all deserve.


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