Hi, I'm Doc Devon!

A Doctor of Chinese Medicine, wellness expert and
unwavering idealist that you can heal your life.




Award Winning
Doctor of TCM
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Health and wellness are not the same . . .

Our conventional healthcare system is designed to diagnosis and treat existing illnesses, but offers little to address the "dis-ease" we experience as we age.  If you have thought or experienced any of the following, you have fallen into unwellness gap . . . and I am here to help.

    • You've heard the words "it's all in your head"
    • You experience unrelenting fatigue & stress
      • You believe how you feel is a result of your age
  • Doctors lack answers but you are still suffering
  • Medications and surgery are the "only options"
  • You are genetically predisposed to disease

With my knowledge and experience,
I can reverse the curse of aging and guide you back to feeling and looking great
Join the wellness revolution and start living the life you've always imagined right now





Let's Work Together . . .

Step 1: Try a Sample x39 Patch

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The purpose of the sample trial is to learn more about our flagship x39 stem cell patch, try it out and learn how it can significantly impact your life. While some people do experience change in just one days, I more see this as an opportunity for you to build the confidence to deep dive into a 30 day age reversal challenge.

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Step 2: Commit and Order

Take the Wellness Challenge
Wear just ONE x39 and x49 stem cell patches for 30 days or more, track your results and feel the difference! Restored mental clarity, better sleep, more energy, less wrinkles, fat loss and much more. With your purchase, you receive my FREE E-book where you learn to patch your way to wellness with calm and confidence!

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Step 3: Join Our Community

Ready to get your learn on?
The LW Team Leanring is an online forum of thousands of people who use or are curious about using ligth therapy. Our membership is a great place to access 100s of protocols, 1000s of testimonials and is 45, 000 member strong. My goal is to make changing your life as simple as possible and to share your experience with others.

Let's Do This!

Dr. Devon Vernetti, L.Ac.
jess h

“I have now had two wonderful pregnancies thanks to Doc Devon. Each session she would help alleviate any pregnancy related or non-pregnancy related symptom I was experiencing. Especially with my 2nd pregnancy the symptoms were numerous ranging from: nausea, bloating, insomnia, heartburn, irritability, allergies; My first son came about perfectly healthy (he was conceived via IVF) and I am now counting down the days for my second son to make his appearance naturally. I will continue to consult her after he is born to help with any postpartum issues I may have. I don't know what I would do without her!”

CPA, Mom of Two

Dr. Devon Vernetti, L.Ac.
travis rose

“I started seeing Doc Devon for chronic shin splints/right knee pain that developed from triathlon training over the last few years. After a couple weeks of treatment, my shins/knee feel MUCH better and I am beginning to run/bike pain free again. She was very thorough with trying to understand what was going on with my body and each visit she listens to me and adjusts the recommendations accordingly. My main focus were my shins/knee but I had no clue I would be feeling way less stressed and more relaxed with each session. Definitely will continue to consult Devon to keep me training/get me ready to compete in triathlon again!”

Chiropractor, Top Ironman Triathlete

Dr. Devon Vernetti, L.Ac.

“DOC DEVON! I am walking upright, standing all day comfortably and sleeping through the night due to my Angel Devon! My position at work requires me to do 8-10 hours or more of standing, bending and twisting. After years of this havoc on my body, my family and friends complaining of my complaining and eventually the pain permeating down my legs, I decided it was time to take care of this matter. Along came Devon, YAY! Within 5 consultations I can say I feel 100% better. I am pain free, less grumpy and am saving money on over the counter pain relievers. I am so happy!”

Esthetician, Business Owner