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Tired? Anxious? Stressed?

Can’t Sleep? In Pain?

Then it is time for the 5 Day Meridian Reset!

In Chinese Medicine, there are energy channels in the body which support the brain’s communication with organs and muscles. These channels are where acupuncture points are located. When these channels are blocked or imbalanced then symptoms show in the body.

Re-setting these channels makes us happier and healthier!

Using an exciting new technology called LifeWave phototherapy patches, we are able to stimulate acu-points through our own body’s light to activate natural healing.

Start Feeling Good!

People all over the world have participated in this 5 day challenge to living a better life.
Won't you join us on in taking the next steps to improving your health and well-being!

What the course includes

  •  A kit of 25 patches used to stimulate acupoints on the body to detox
  • Daily motivation emails, dietary recommendations & easy tips to keep your meridians healthy
  • Detailed videos to improve patching application and patching handout
  • Access to an amazing private Facebook community to help and support you through the challenge
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If you're seeking permission to finally feel good again . . .
GIVE IT TO YOURSELF . . . you deserve it!

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